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Halloween Treats...Too Soon?

Okay.... its September. I am resisting the urges to decorate the house with stretchy cobwebs, strands of orange LED lights and cutest metallic pumpkins I found on a late night Target run. I have sniffed so many pumpkin spice candles, eaten handfuls, HANDFULS of candy corn and probably spent a couple of hours trying to find the best costume. We are also living in the mountains currently and have the most beautiful view of the fall leaves right now. Life is just better from Labor Day to New Years. Am I right, peeps? With Halloween coming up and Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner there will be so many fun themed family nights and treats!! YAY! Okay, so this might be a little too early but I want to get a head start on posting some Halloween treats because there are so so so many fun ones that your kids will just love. 

This week I want to start with...


Witch Brooms


Super simple...

All you need is the mini Reeces Butter Cups and pretzel sticks!

Step 1:

Flip Reeces cup upside down

Step 2:

Push pretzel into the middle of the Reeces cup

and... VIOLA!